Another Ace Scholar Alum to Present at NCLA

On the heels of the last post another of our alum, Jacquelyn White, will be presenting a session on Public Library Design and Technology at this year’s NCLA conference.

More information to come as the conference get’s closer.


ACE Alums to Present at NCLA in October!

Ingrid Ruffin and Alesha Lackey will present a poster session, “Un-Hushed: Planning and Executing a Really Fun, Super Cool Library Conference” during the 59th Biennial Conference of the North Carolina Library Association in Hickory, NC.  The abstract (long version) for the poster session is provided below.

The benefits of attending professional conferences are invaluable. Attending sessions, presenting, and networking are all essential components of professional development, but attending conferences are often prohibitive for LIS students due to registration fees, scheduling, and etc.

Un-Hushed: Speaking Up in the Library and Information Studies Profession (Or, the Really Fun, Super Cool Library Conference) was a free, one-day mini-conference presented by the Academic and Cultural Enrichment (ACE) Scholars at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) on Saturday, March 26, 2011.  Un-Hushed featured break-out, poster, and fun sessions by LIS students, professionals, and faculty to get LIS students thinking about prevalent issues within the profession. Over 50 participants from throughout the state of North Carolina, as well as South Carolina and Washington, D.C. attended the event.

This poster presents a conference planning timeline from conception to execution as well as an evaluation of successes and areas of improvement. Additionally, guidelines on how other students can replicate the conference are provided.

The ACE Scholars Program at UNCG is an IMLS-funded initiative to promote diversity in librarianship. Un-Hushed was presented by the inaugural (2009 – 2011) ACE Scholars cohort. The second (2011 – 2013) ACE Scholars cohort will begin their LIS curriculum at UNG in August 2011.

Ingrid Ruffin (l) and Alesha Lackey during the Un-Hushed Conference in March 2011.

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I am official!

Graduated this past May 6, 2011, I am proud of the ACE Scholars program. The ACE’s program graduation rate was 100%. It was nice spending time and sharing this milestone with the other scholars, faculty, and program administrators.
Roberta Stevens, current ALA President, attended our graduation. It was an exciting and unforgettable day.

Publishing Scholar: Deborah Kallina

ACE Scholars, Deborah Kallina and Damion Miller

Ace Scholar Deborah Kallina has been published in Johnson C. Smith University’s library magazine, Urban Outlook with an article about her and fellow scholar, Damion Miller’s, experience as interns at the University. We’ve got a copy of the article for your viewing pleasure, that can be downloaded here.

Congratulations Deborah! And keep up the good work. As graduation draws near expect to see more news about the wonderful things we scholars will be accomplishing as we embark on our future careers as Librarians.

+photo taken by Scholar, Alesha Lackey with assistance by Martha Parker.


Here I Go World!

Graduation day is almost here, May 6. Where from here is the first question. My short plans are after graduation to dedicate my first year to secure employment in my new field and to learn my new organization.
I strongly believe that before I can contribute, I need to know and to understand previous organizational efforts in efforts to deliver substance. I am hoping to enroll in college at the end of this year to potentially start on August 2012.
There are two avenues I could pursue. One is a master in Spanish/romance languages. The second is a doctorate degree in library and information studies. I am excited about these two choices and need to do additional research to make a final decision.
Living in the Charlotte area and with the ever growing changing demographics, I can see how a specialization in Spanish could better assist me in serving our users and even teach a few college level classes. I am also interested in seeking venues to serve the Hispanic community in its native language through digital and international libraries. Could it be possible to have a bi-lingual (Spanish/English) digital library specific to the Charlotte market?


The Finish Line

It is amazing how these past two years have gone by so fast. Pursing the MLIS at UNCG as an ACE Scholar has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The experience goes beyond the financial assistance and the academic program. I am grateful for the opportunity to interact, to learn, and to share my educational development with the other ACE Scholars, faculty, administrators, mentors, and other librarians within the Charlotte and Greensboro areas.
Although a full-time student at UNCG and a full-time retail manager, I also manage to complete three internships these past two years. One of the internships was performed at the UNCG-Jackson Library as a cataloging intern, and the other two at the Johnson and Wales Library of Charlotte in which I gained experience in cataloging, reference, and circulation.
Attending the ALA, NCLA, and Metrolina conferences during my first year of graduate studies was another manner of familiarizing me with the profession. These experiences in turn afforded me the opportunity to contribute at the UNCG-2011 iDEALS conference, and the ACE Scholars Un-hushed conference held this past March 2011.
One of my passions in this new field has always been funding efforts for both public and academic libraries. Perhaps, my experience in management and my involvement at the Queens Alumni Association Board of Directors have been the motivation to aspire to find potential solutions to our current budgetary issues.

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Interview with Monika Rhue, Library Director of Johnson C. Smith University

Monika Rhue

Interview with Monika Rhue, Library Director of Johnson C. Smith University – An ACE Scholars Program Participating Institution

ACE Scholar Deborah Kallina interviews Ms. Monika Rhue, Library Director of the James B. Duke Memorial Library at Johnson C. Smith University.  A passionate leader in librarianship, Ms. Rhue shares her experience as a library director, her path into the profession, and her ideas on how academic librarians can stay relevant in the 21st century.

Click here to listen to the interview with JCSU Library Director, Monika Rhue.